VERHOFSTADT Marcel - painter

Forest / Brussels 13 May 1931
Studied under the painter Jacques Maes

1957Obtained the Government Medal for painting and drawing.
Selected for the “Salon du Brabant”.
1960Appointed professor of drawing and painting at the Academy for Fine Arts, a position he held until 1996.
1961/62Selected for the “Rik Wouters” prize – “Anto Carte” – “Louis Schmidt”
Campo, Antwerp; “Hélène Jacquet” prize, La Louvière.
1963/64/66Selected for the “Art d’Europe” prize – Belgian/Italian painting and design – “Anto Carte”
Mention for the “Prix de Rome”
Awarded the “Louis Schmidt Prize for Painting”
Selected for the “Anto Carte” prize
1967/69/73Solo exhibition at the Albert I Gallery in Brussels
1969Founder member of the “Mouvement Réaliste” (Realist Movement)
1974Solo exhibition of watercolours at the La Palette gallery, Dendermonde
1975Founder of the “Groupe Méga”
1977Led a panting/watercolour course at the International Academy of Luxembourg.
Solo exhibition at the Centre Culturel Jacques Franck in Brussels
1978Solo exhibition at the Centre Culturel , Waterloo
1979Solo exhibition at Galerie Egmont, Brussels
1980Organised a painting/watercolour course at the École d’Art de Chiny, which he continued to give until 1994.
1981/83Exhibition in his atelier - Bellingen
1989Group exhibition on the theme “1789” – Galerie du Parvis, Brussels
Exhibition “Ça ira”(It’ll be fine) – the Realist Movement depicting the French Revolution in Maison Haute, Watermael-Boisfort
“La Châtaigneraie” Centre for Contemporary Arts, Flémalle / Salle Saint Georges, Mons
1990Solo exhibition at Galerie du Parvis, Brussels - The Painter’s Progress, “Retrospective”
1999 (May) Solo exhibition at the Maison des Artistes, Anderlecht, Brussels
2001Solo exhibition at the Maison des Arts Gaston Williot in Brussels – “Brittany through the eyes of Marcel Verhofstadt”
2006/07Took part in the 61st exhibition of the JECTA group at Dieleghem Abbey House, Brussels
2008Exhibtion with the JECTA group at the Maison de la Laïcité Condorcet, Hamme-Mille
2009Solo exhibition (Le printemps des musées/The Spring of the Museums) at Dieleghem Abbey House, Brussels